The best smartphone you can get right now. (Early 2016)

Smartphones have come a long way, when you look at the market now, its hard to find a really bad smartphone. Smartphone manufacturers have come up with crazy ideas to sell their products to the customers even though the demand for them isn't gonna go down any sooner. An average consumer wants a phone that [...]


Stop killing animals in the name of festival | Stop Yulin Festival. #StopYulin2015

I'm not sure if you people are aware of this cruelty happening in China, thousands of dogs and cats are being killed for a festival called Yulin every year. Most of these are pets being stolen from their homes and are tortured before they have their throats slit. Close to 500,000 pounds of dog meat is [...]

The best smartphone you can get right now. (Early 2015)

Smartphones hold a big part in our day to day life and we use them as our everything. They are our video players, music players, ebook readers, camera and much more. When you get a smartphone you know you're gonna use it all the time, so it's really important to get the right one. When [...]