My life as an engineering student. (Struggles of every engineering student)

The biggest struggle every engineering student will have is waking up so early in the morning, sometimes even before the sun has risen. “What do you do that early?” you ask, get ready for college. Because all of our busses start so early that the only other people on the streets are other victims like you (May seem like I’m exaggerating but trust me I’m not). Once you get into the bus there’s this struggle to get a seat that’s not 1) broken, 2) torn or 3) doesn’t have any annoying juniors sitting next to you that won’t stop talking to you doesn’t matter if you’re trying to read a book, listen to music or heck continue that much-needed sleep. Now don’t even get me started on the condtiotion of these busses during the rainy days, it’s a complete mess (lets leave it right there).

After what seems like forever you reach your college feeling hungry (obviously you can’t eat breakfast before getting into the bus coz you’re gonna be hungry once you reach the college anyway. :P) but guess what you can’t eat coz you’re already late for the first period. (No other student will know the value of attendance like an engineering student does). So you go to class with grumbling noises in your stomach “thinking” you can eat during the break, (plot twist: the lecturer was so involved with teaching you that he/she doesn’t hear the sound of the bell and takes up extra 5 minutes until someone from your class shouts “break ma’am or break sir”). So if you check the time in your watch it’ll show that you have exactly 4 minutes before the next period starts, but guess what? the lecturer for the next hour is 2 mins early so you eat the food your classmates have brought from home and “hope” that you can fill up your stomach during lunch.

After what seems like brutal 3 hours of uninteresting lecture on programming languages, building a project or some other tech stuff that you have no fricking clue about, its time for lunch. After starving from morning you would think that we’d get to eat a heavy lunch to fill up that void in our hearts and stomachs right? guess what, you’re wrong again. Let me tell you why, once the lunch bell rings you walk to the canteen to buy something and you go straight to the counter without even checking whats available coz its the same damn thing every single day. So you go and order this plateful of hot something that marginally resembles food and walk to find a table in the crowded canteen. Once you’re successful in finding a place where you think you could eat peacefully, a group of friends from nowhere would appear and eat all the food on your plate and all you’ve eaten would be maximum 2 handfuls of food. (Not that the food is good, not even close – to be honest its just edible).

Once the bell rings, you go to class to attend the lecture, the most funny part about it is that the timetable they give is just a formality I guess because most of the time its a surprise, the subject thats being taught is never the subject the timetable says will be taught at that particular hour. Now in-between these classes you have to visit the HOD’s room a good number of times because you did not bring the manual for the lab or didn’t finish the assignments blah blah blah. You get the point.

Talking about assignments, you are given more number of assignments in a single semester than you were given your entire school life. The hours you spend on writing assignments, records and other stuff equates to almost there-fourth of the time of your life in those 4 years. So after attending another 3 hours of class, the bus will start in another 15 mins so you have to rush to the bus to make sure you don’t miss it. If you do you’re fucked, you have to board 2 share-autos and 3 buses to reach your home. So after another hour and a half of travelling you reach home, and eat some samosas and drink tea or coffee and sit down staring at your phone checking Facebook, Instagram and replying to WhatsApp texts you spend most of your evening. (Come on, you deserve to relax after a shitty day, trust me everyday is one) After spending a satisfying amount of time on your phone you eat dinner thinking that you’ll sleep early that night so you don’t curse yourself the next morning, but the anxiety of the next day’s work kicks in and you stay up late with a cup of coffee and go to sleep around 1 AM which is real bad considering you have to wake up at 5 or 6 AM the next morning. This is the life of an engineering student and when we hardly have time for ourselves where do we find time to find a girlfriend?.

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