One year of being Vegan, what have I learnt?

Note: This post was supposed to be published on Oct 10, 2016. We all know I’m lazy so let’s deal with it.

Today marks my first year of being Vegan. I went Vegan after watching “The Earthlings”. I have never considered myself an “animal lover” let alone did I ever imagine I would go Vegan, heck I didn’t even know what Vegan meant when I decided to go Vegan, I just did it. The main reason was that I couldn’t stomach what I watched and I knew deep inside that no one deserves to be treated the way industries treat our fellow beings. They are living beings with a complex set of emotions just like us, as much we think we are different, we are all the same. After watching the whole documentary with the help of a box of tissues I decided that I would go Vegan and posted this on my Facebook wall and screenshot the same to post it on Instagram.

Cheesy right? I know. 😛 Let’s leave that all aside, that’s all history now. If you wanna know in depth why I went Vegan check this out. My journey to Veganism, What made me become a so-called “Modern day hippie”.

Let’s get into the topic of what I have learned in my year of being Vegan. First, let me put this thing out, Veganism isn’t just a diet, its a lifestyle, when you go Vegan you not only stop consuming animal products through your mouth but in all shapes and forms. Also, if you have this idea of being the “perfect” Vegan who is so perfect with his/her lifestyle that you are not ready to make any mistakes, be ready to get stressed a lot. It’s not about being perfect, it never works that way. I’ve made a ton of mistakes in my first year because the world we live in isn’t Vegan and most places aren’t even Vegan-friendly. But the most important thing I’ve learned is that just because you’ve made a mistake doesn’t mean you have to quit Veganism altogether, To know more about making mistakes as a Vegan check this out. I accidentally ate meat as a Vegan, what do I do? -.-

OK, what products do I use? Dear Earth and Soulflower are two of my favorite brands when it comes to soaps and shampoos and Vicco is the toothpaste I’ve ben using all this while. And to make eating out convenient, I would recommend you google the place beforehand to check if they provide any Vegan options or if you could build up a meal from what’s available. As far as clothing in considered I threw away all that was wool, leather or any other stuff I had that was made from animal skin, see what I did there? yes, it is animal skin, we need to stop playing these euphemism games, they are the reason for all atrocities that happen today.

Now, let’s dig into the more important stuff, I don’t know if its the diet or any changes in me that have allowed me to be comfortable in nature, appreciate little things and be more open in everyday life. Like I’ve grown more spiritually I’d say, I no longer desire for material things and in this world where material things are celebrated that is a powerful statement. It has also made me a person that is more compassionate towards all animals and people. But let me warn you beforehand after you go Vegan, you’ll start seeing the world different, it’s like everything you’ve been taught since childhood is a lie and every post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. about an abused animal will either trigger you to become angry or will make you super sad. And you might also lose a few friends or maybe not. I personally haven’t lost any, but people make fun of my lifestyle from time to time. Just remember, you’re doing it for a much better cause.  I’ll soon be sure to write a post on what I’ve discovered about life in the last year, be sure to check that out.

Most important thing of all is that Veganism isn’t something you do because you wanna lose weight or it’s the trendy thing to do now, NO. Veganism is connecting with your inner self, that inner voice that tells you in the back of your head that you’re a good person, and no good person ever contributed to something that tortures, exploits and murders sentient beings. And to sum it all up, I believe that the 10-year-old me would be proud of me for what kind of a person I am and where I am today in life.

And to know more about “Is it possible to be a Vegan in India” be sure to check this out: My Journey to Veganism and is it Possible to be a Vegan in India?



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