I accidentally ate meat as a Vegan, what do I do? -.-

The world isn’t perfect and it certainly isn’t vegan. Sure you could be a vegan without it being a super stressful task, but its easy to make mistakes in this non vegan world. The most common question I receive is “what if I accidentally eat dairy, eggs or even meat?”. Some people beat themselves up for it and a few even give up on the lifestyle simply because they did a mistake. But the thing is we are all humans at the end of the day and its easy for us to make mistakes.

Alright to be honest, I accidentally ate a tiny piece of meat today. I was at this Chinese restaurant and I ordered a veg noodle dish. At first I didn’t notice what was on my plate (as I was starving) and took a bite, the texture felt weird so when I looked at the plate, there was chicken in it and when I called the waiter I understood that he has given the order to the chef as chicken noodles by mistake. I felt so sick knowing that I’ve eaten meat, even tough it was swapped for a veg noodles. I ate that and left the place. Even tough all I ate was a tiny-tiny piece of meat, I felt so bad and the best thing I could was get over it and get back on track immediately. This isn’t the first time I’ve accidentally eaten non-vegan food, I’ve had dairy and eggs hiding in my food a couple of times when eating out that I’ve eaten without realising. Its OK to do mistakes but the important thing is to learn from that experience. So if you’ve accidentally eaten non vegan food by mistake, don’t beat yourself up or don’t give up on the lifestyle, forgive yourself and move on. If not you’d be the most unhappy person in the planet.

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