7 steps to spiritual enlightenment.

1. Be ready:
Leading a spiritual life is amazing, it’s literally making your body, mind, and soul work in unison. No one else can want this path for you as much as you want it for yourself, its best that you know what you’re getting yourself into,  make time for your spiritual practices in your daily routine, do whatever it takes to make to feel comfortable during the transition. Be ready to see yourself transform into something great in life.
 2. Cleanse:
Cleanse, not just your body but your life. Let go of anything that no longer serves you or you think is holding you back in life, I’m talking food, people, habits, memories etc. Get rid of them with a sense of gratitude because they are a part of the reason for where you are right now in life. Eat foods that are full of life, say vegetables, fruits, legumes, grains etc. When you eat a meal make sure you’re getting all the required essential nutrients your body requires.
3. Learn:
One of the mistakes people do when making a huge lifestyle change is that they are not fully aware of what they got themselves into, as I stated in the first step, it is important to be ready for everything. Read books about spirituality, watch videos, attend classes, do research, make a plan but most importantly educate yourself. Like any other diet or lifestyle change there is no one path for everyone, so experiment and find out how you’re gonna feel fulfilled in life.
4. Practise: 
Do what you preach, if you preach to others to start eating healthy and exercise, make sure you’re doing it. If you preach to others to live a minimalist life, live a minimal life yourself. If you preach about spirituality to others, practice it yourself. It’s as simple as this, I wouldn’t get sex advice from someone who’s never had sex before, they can’t tell me if it’s good or bad because they’ve never experienced it. If you’re on this mission to become a more loving, compassionate human being, make sure you work toward it. If you’re in this to live a happier life, make sure you work toward it. If you’re in this to fulfill your life purpose do the same. As long as you practice what you preach you’re making progress.
5. Give and receive: 
Give to others, give people your time, your love, your compassion, your talents, your knowledge and all that you have to offer. Only when you give others you can find true happiness. But do not forget to receive, only when you receive you give others an opportunity to be a giver, never say no to anything offered to you with love.
6. Say thank you:
Giving gratitude can make you feel like you have it all and can make you feel happy. When you look at your life and compare it those in the third world country you can see that you have it all, that they can only imagine. Whenever I feel down, I write down things that I’m grateful for in life, that makes me realize how much I have to be thankful for.
7. Live a simpler life: 
By a simple life, I do not mean that you should live like a nomad, but I want you to think about the stuff you bring into your life. Don’t buy stuff because they look cute or its the cool thing to do, buy something if you really think that’ll serve you to become a better version of yourself. Give away things that you no longer use to those who might really need them.
Life is all about becoming the best version of yourself, every day should be a day of progress. By constant striving, you can fulfill your life’s purpose.

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