Why the fitness industry is bullshit. (RANT)

If you’ve ever tightened up your running shoes or your gym gloves, you’ve probably checked out a few articles and a few websites that promote “healthy living” and you’ve probably come across a lot of bullshit that these people claim could get you into optimum health. This article is me exposing why the fitness industry is complete bullshit.

Supplement Scam:

If I got a dollar for every time someone asked me which fat burner I used during my 120 pounds weight loss, I’d be a billionaire by now. And whenever I said no supplement, they’d give me a weird look and say something along the lines of “Alright man, I trust you” in a weird way that tells me what they actually mean is “Man, you’re a fucking liar”. If there was a magic pill that could make skinny guys huge and fat guys ripped, there would me no gyms and no such people right now in the world and I understand, these advertisements have been filmed in such a way that makes those with no knowledge about nutrition believe that these supplements actually work. But anyone who knows anything about nutrition would actually know these supplements are just crap. Plus these companies need not get any certification from the government regarding the ingredients or the claims they make. Eat the right type of natural foods that grow from the earth and you can see your body changing.

Sponsored athletes: 

This can also be called as the continuation of the previous point, but what I’m trying to say is that these supplement companies pay the athletes to literally tell people that they use their supplements to get the results that they’ve gained by working their asses off at the gym for years and years. And who could say no to money, so these athletes promote the products that they know is harmful to health and has no nutritional value whatsoever. Desperate kids that want to change their body look at the advertisements and immediately buy them thinking that it is going to change their life, but the truth is – it is not going to do nothing. Check out bodybuilder Rich Piana talking about supplements in the link below.


The steroid lie:

At this point of time, we all know most of these bodybuilders use steroids for the results they’ve attained, but more than 99% of those who use steroid never admit to that. What this does is, it puts a false representation in minds of young people about what can be achieved naturally and these people push them harder and harder at the gym just to be disappointed with no drastic results.

Shitty nutrition advice:

Nutrition is a complex topic to address on because there are literally hundreds of different diets floating around the internet. But the thing is that those people who have no idea about nutrition give advice to people about what they should eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner and these people follow their advice just because they look “fit”. I’ve seen doctors recommend people that they eat bacon for breakfast to stay healthy and I’ve heard some people say fruit makes you fat, that is complete bullshit. And not to blame them coz 99% of the medical schools give only 4-10 hours of nutrition advice to their students throughout the entire course. One thing that people need to understand is that it is easy to look fit eating junk food.

Fitness magazines:

As a matter of fact these magazines are nothing but complete fucking crap, they have photoshopped models in the cover and make people feel insecure about their bodies with images so perfect that no one can ever achieve in their life.

Trainers with no knowledge:

I’ve met trainers that are out of shape, that give stupid nutrition advice and workout routine, shit I’ve even seen trainers that rely on supplements as their primary source of protein. When it comes to becoming a trainer anyone can become one nowadays, the problem with that is that people are affected because they know nothing whatsoever and still train people. I’ve personally been injured following the advice my trainer has given me and the recovering process put me off training for months.

At the end of the day we live in a world where people would do anything to earn money, so its important to analyse what we see and hear and not follow them with blindfolds.


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