My journey to Veganism, What made me become a so called "Modern day hippie".

I was definitely not raised a Vegan, though my mother wanted me to be a Vegetarian after my first grade, which I was until my high school. I started eating eggs when in middle school my cricket coach wanted me to eat for “improved endurance”. And I started eating meat eventually during high school. With that aside, I loved meat in all forms, wether it was a giant burger from McDonald’s or juicy dumplings at a Chinese restaurant, I loved them all. Back then, never did I imagine I would ever turn into a Vegan. Let aside meat, I was one of those people who would binge on cheese. I would literally eat pounds of cheese every single day like it was nobody’s business. I would add cheese to everything, you name it. Now I can see why I weighed 300 pounds back then.

That being said, what made me turn into a Vegan?
For the past 6 months, I’ve been so into fitness that one day I came across the term “Vegan diet” on YouTube. I was like, OK let me check that out. I forgot whose channel it was, but the person spoke about the health benefits of a plant-based Vegan diet and also the way in which animals were raised in factory farms for meat. The person in the video encouraged to watch the documentaries – The Earthlings and the Cowspiracy. So the first thing I did was type the words “The Earthlings” on the search bar and select the first video from the search results. That video made me sick to my stomach, and the next minute I knew I had turned into a Vegan.

I couldn’t get the thoughts that the animals are being treated that way out of my head. The fact that I’ve turned into a Vegan made me so happy and on the other hand, it made me feel so guilty, doing nothing about the issue. So I started to tell people about what was happening and most of the time, I was laughed at. Today the world might not be ready to go Vegan but one day, things will eventually change.


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