Why minimalism?

What is the one thing that’s common among the people who live in the first and second world countries? We all run behind stuff. We have to have the latest iPhone, We have to have that cute dress from that corner store, We have to have the fastest car, the biggest house, the latest “this” or the perfect “that”. We’ve actually become a consumeristic generation that worships things, that needs stuff to make us happy. Together as a society we’ve been sucked into the world of materialism. We’ve become a society that measures success and richness with the amount of stuff one holds. We’ve actually messed up the true meaning of success. We run behind things that look nice thinking that’ll make us happy, that makes us feel like we have it all. But I want you to think if it really makes you happy or if it causes more stress. We spend our whole life working a job that doesn’t fuel our drive trying to buy newer things sometimes with the money we don’t have. If you take a moment to think about how you’re spending your life, you might be disappointed. I know I am disappointed in myself. I’ve spent almost my entire life running behind stuff. I spent the last few months getting rid of the stuff that no longer serve me, that no longer makes me happy, the stuff that I bought just because it looks nice. For the first time in a long time, I felt peaceful, I felt rich. Becoming a minimalist I had to give away about 70% of my stuff, because they no longer served me. Those were just the stuff I bought in an hypnotised materialistic mindset. I’m not asking you to throw away all you own, but I’m just asking you to reassess the way you live. 

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