Stop killing animals in the name of festival | Stop Yulin Festival. #StopYulin2015

I’m not sure if you people are aware of this cruelty happening in China, thousands of dogs and cats are being killed for a festival called Yulin every year. Most of these are pets being stolen from their homes and are tortured before they have their throats slit. Close to 500,000 pounds of dog meat is consumed during the festival. 

According to reports, the local government has banned the festival, but this has been described as semantics by activists. It is not illegal to slaughter dogs or cats in China and thus the event is expected to continue unofficially. Despite the Yulin government declaring the festival will not happen, thousands of dogs will still die for their meat.
And on Twitter, activists used the hashtag #StopYuLin2015 to accumulate support for the campaign against the festival.

It’s China expert Peter Li went undercover at Yulin in May and witnessed preparations for the festival in full swing. He described one slaughterhouse as “full of blood, internal organs of the dogs and cats, blow torched carcasses, and freshly slaughtered dogs hanging on hooks”. Photographs showed dogs and cats packed into cages without room to move, with some reportedly dying of dehydration or starvation and carcasses strewn around the city’s streets.

“Mass dog slaughter is still going on at Yulin despite the local authorities trying to give the impression that’s it’s ended,” Mr. Li told the British MailOnline.” – The Sydney Morning Herald.
Several petitions have been established calling on Chinese governments to do more to halt the hellish events in Yulin, receiving in excess of 850,000 online signatures.

Images of how meat is prepared for the Yulin festival is below:






I just want everyone who is reading this post to share it with the hashtag #StopYulin2015.

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