Samsung Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge, the best Android phones?

Samsung phones have always been good. In fact, they were much better than other Android phones. But the problem was they felt cheap and they came with a tonne of software bloatware and that’s the reason why they didn’t make it to my “The best smartphone you can get right now” post. What if Samsung actually listened to the customers and made a phone that didn’t feel cheap and didn’t come with a software overloaded with the carrier and other bloatware? The Galaxy S6 is the Samsung’s answer to it.

OK let me put it out first, I was the guy who teased the S6 when I first saw it on March 1. The phone looks a lot like the iPhone 6, from the way the finger-print scanner works to how the bottom of the phone looks and the protruding camera made it more uglier. But when you can look past those two, man is this phone gorgeous. With aluminium sandwiched by Gorilla Glass 4 on either side, it screams premium. Thank God, the cheap plastic era has finally ended. But all this comes with a trade-off, the battery is no longer removable and there is no micro-SD expansion. This might disappoint a lot of hardcore Android users but I don’t really care about it. I’ve stopped swapping out batteries and using micro-SD cards since 2012. And the other good stuff Samsung has to remove because of the design change is the IPX7 certification. It is not waterproof anymore, but at least I don’t  have to deal with those annoying flaps.

But it’s not just about the looks, the S6 is an absolute power-house. I’m glad that Samsung ditched the Snapdragon 810 for their own Exynos 7420, In short, it’s a beast. It is an octa-core processor made by a 14nm process. It has two quad cores each clocked in at 2.1 GHz and 1.9 GHz respectively. It is fast. You will notice no lag and the phone runs smoother than ever.

Moving on to the display, it is gorgeous. It’s a 5.1 inch Super AMOLED with a resolution of 2560X1440. It has a pixel density of 577 PPI. You absolutely won’t see pixels in it. Everything is super sharp, colours pop and it isn’t over saturated to an extent where everything looks comical like in the early generation panels. This is hands down the best display I’ve ever seen in a phone.

Till date, Android phones have been trying so hard to catch up with the camera quality of the iPhone and the result was, they were nowhere near to it. But now the gap is slightly closing up with the S6. It has a 16 MP camera that is optically stabilised which can shoot up to 4K. The video from this camera is awesome with tat sharp focus and vibrant colours, both the 4K and 1080P videos look awesome. The only problem with the camera is that the colours are on the yellow side a little but that’s very minor. Overall it’s a solid shooter. There’s also a camera shortcut to launch the app – Double press the home button and the camera launches and it all happens in seconds, the phone is that fast. The front camera is a 5MP shooter that can shoot up to 1440P.

Now let’s talk about the edge version a little, it has all the features that the S6 has and much more. It is gonna cost you 100 bucks more and for that 100 bucks, you get a pretty capable phone. In short, it looks stunning. It is not the same one-sided edge that we saw in the Note Edge, the edges curve on both the sides. And unlike the Note Edge instead of considering it as a separate display, it fuses in with TouchWiz and at the same time has functionality. It might be a gimmick to most of the people but think about this before you dismiss it – with the Samsung’s multi-window capabilities and the edge, you can now watch videos, browse the web, use it to display headlines and watch the sports score all at the same time and the phone doesn’t even break a sweat. Is it comfortable doing it? Not in the slightest but you can if you want to. You can also swipe in from the sides to get favourite contact shortcuts, you can even set different colours to them so that the edge lights up when they call you. The edge can act as a night clock or just a screen that provides random information like the weather, headlines etc.

Battery life is not that great if all you care about is that. You can get through a day with moderate to heavy use but that’s all about it. With fast charging, it charges up super fast, like lightning crazy fast. It has wireless charging built-in too so you can get it recharged while at Starbucks or somewhere

TouchWiz has also been toned down around 40% and with all the good stuff the trade-off’s doesn’t matter much to me. Finally here is an Android phone that is a true contender to the iPhone. It is a solid phone with a gorgeous display and a great camera. If I was in the market looking for an Android phone, there is nowhere else I would go. This is the BEST phone Samsung has ever made, for that fact this is the best Android phone period.

“Last year or so hasn’t been kind to Samsung, iPhones are big now and lots of companies are making cheap phones that are good enough to beat them on the low-end. Samsung really needed to hit a home run just to stay in the game and the S6 knocks it out of the park.” The Verge


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