Ready to run Windows Mobile on your Android device?

Windows Mobile despite being super fluidic and intuitive to use, has never seen a success when it comes to smartphone market share. But the story doesn’t end here, Microsoft is trying so hard that you may feel like giving its mobile platform a try. TechCrunch reports that the Redmond company is working really hard to find a way to convert Android devices to a version of Windows 10 for phones.

The company gave us an hint at the new program in revealing that  it’s working with Xiaomi to let some people try the new mobile operating system on existing Android-based Mi 4 handsets. However according to TechCrunch’s statement this might be the very first step towards a larger vision. If Microsoft succeeds in pulling strings together, The outcome could be something like Cyanogen, which is available to pretty much anyone with an Android device and some geeky knowledge to root their devices. Not to forget, Microsoft is reportedly set to make a big investment in the company behind Cyanogen. Maybe part of that deal includes help developing this new ROM.
For now, Microsoft says its Windows 10 ROM will be limited to a small number of Xiaomi fans, giving the company a nice little test group. But if the new program works it might not be too long before the same offer expands to other Android devices.
 Source: Techno Buffalo

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