The best smartphone you can get right now. (Early 2015)

Smartphones hold a big part in our day to day life and we use them as our everything. They are our video players, music players, ebook readers, camera and much more. When you get a smartphone you know you’re gonna use it all the time, so it’s really important to get the right one. When you buy a new phone there are a few things you make sure you get right. Design, Camera, Build quality, Battery life, App ecosystem, and Software are really important. Every customer balances these criteria differently and what you care about the most about could completely change what you buy. 
If you want a smartphone that works all the time and you never have to worry about the simplicity these modern smart phones give up for functionality, you should get an iPhone 6. The iPhone 6 despite the bump in screen size is much smaller compared to the competition. It has a gorgeous 4.7 inch HD display which is quite low in resolution in terms of today’s standards, but you won’t see pixels in it. The display is 100% sRGB which means that the colors look accurate when compared to the oversaturated AMOLED displays available in the Android space. The iPhone 6 feels wonderful in your hands, a single piece of aluminum that has the glass covering the display joining it with a slight curve giving it a seamless feel that makes the device feel wonderful in your hand (but its super slippery though). The selling point of the iPhone has always been its camera and Apple hasn’t disappointed us this time. The camera even though is only 8 megapixels shoots great pictures in all lighting conditions (obviously megapixels don’t mean everything). With the new time lapse and super slow motion mechanism, shooting videos can never be this fun. It is the simplest and the easiest camera to shoot a picture on. There are other phones that offer many features than the iPhone but none of them could match the quality of its output. The battery can last you a day with moderate to heavy use, but just don’t expect too much. Touch ID gets super useful letting you unlock your device, authenticate your passwords and pay for things all with a single touch. iOS has always been the best operating system and it still is. It is simple and stable like it has always been. It still has the best selection of apps with over a 3 million apps just for the iPhones puts it leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. The A8 is the real star, it is integrated right on par with iOS and never skips a beat. The iPhone 6 is not any kind of a miracle or even a mandatory upgrade from the 5S but it is the best thing out there if you are in the market looking for a phone.

The second place goes to the Moto X 2014. Like the iPhone the compromises it makes are very little. It has a high-quality build and the real selling point of the device is the super customisable design. Most phones today are either black or white but the Moto X can be anything you want it to be. The front is either black or white but the back can be any of the available colors, each one holding a different texture. There is also an option for wood or leather backs if you are not okay with the plastic. When you get over the design, the Moto X also has a gorgeous 5.2 inch Full HD display. It is an AMOLED display and it is slightly oversaturated but it is far better from the worse I’ve seen. It runs an almost stock version of Android with a few useful features like the always on notifications and the ability to name my phone. But the camera like the original Moto X is frustratingly inconsistent and the battery life like the iPhone is not so great, but with this phone you might struggle to get it even through a day. But if you can get past the triad off’s the Moto X is the best Android device out there. 

But what if you want a device with a great battery a life and a killer build quality? That’s where the Htc One M8 steps in. The Htc One M8 to describe in a single word is “Gorgeous”. It has a 5 inch Full HD display which delivers accurate colors unlike other Android flagships. The high point of the device other than the looks is the Boom Sound speakers. Its is amazing. It is still the best speaker available in a smartphone. If all you care about in a phone is the speakers and a way it feels in our hands, its your best choice or even the One M9 with more enhanced speakers which is just around the corner to go on sale should be your choice. But my only reservation to suggest this phone over any other phone is the camera. It is a 4 Ultra-pixel camera which is supposedly to have great low-light performance and it has. But at other times, In anything but the most ideal situations the pictures come out good but most of the time, the pictures aren’t what I want them to be.

The LG G3 is a different kind of hardware with almost no bezel but the beautiful 5.5 inch Quad HD display right in front of your face. Unlike other IPS displays the colors are vivid and punchy but at times they look completely washed out and the phone gets heated up pretty quickly. The battery life is also not so good and the phone is entirely made of plastic and doesn’t feel high-end like the One M8 or the iPhone 6.

The Nexus 6 which is Google’s flagship for the year made by Motorola is nothing but an enlarged Moto X. But it is more powerful than a Moto X. It has a fast processor clocked in at 2.7 Ghz, a 6 inch Quad HD AMOLED display and comes in two colors (Midnight Blue or White). It has the purest form of Android and it comes with a hefty price tag unlike other Nexus devices whose price tags has been the lowest among other flagships. With a gigantic battery you’ll expect tremendous battery life out of it, but the device fails to provide it. And you might even notice some color shiftings in the display at times but at this price point this shouldn’t be the case. The camera has gotten better but the truth is no camera on a Nexus device has ever been good, with the compromises it makes, it’s hard to recommend the device over other flagships.

A lotta people love huge phones and there are a million reasons to love them, like the Galaxy Note series and the iPhone 6 Plus. Samsung invented this lineup  and is still the king. Infact their devices are the only ones which take advantage of that large display. You may hate Touchwiz but if you want a large device that takes full advantage of that huge display get the Galaxy Note 4 or the Note Edge. But if you care about the simplicity and doesn’t mind about sacrificing a little functionality buy the iPhone 6 Plus. If I wanted to buy a big phone, Note 4 would easily have my money.

Windows phones are getting better every day but doesn’t matter, wether its the Lumia 930 or the Lumia 1520 what they offer is less important than what they are missing and if you want a Blackberry (only if you desperately need a physical keyboard) buy the Blackberry Passport. It may look weird but it is the best Blackberry that has come out in a while. But I wouldn’t prefer buying a Blackberry or a Windows phone at this time, Maybe a little later
But with all the phones out there and the compromises they come with, the iPhone 6 is the best thing you can get right now (maybe until the next iPhone). It is by no means perfect but it is the BEST thing out there.


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