Crash landing planes with iPad

 Most of us use our iPads for media consumption, we either watch videos or play games on our tablets most of the time. But a couple used it to fly and crash land their single-engine plane after an electrical system failure rendered all the instruments on it non-functional. The unknown couple were flying from Wyoming to Wisconsin on Friday night but had to land their plane at the Rapid City Regional Airport after it suffered an electrical failure about 80 miles from the city. The only functional instruments the couple had at their disposal were the airspeed and altitude indicators, which along with the iPad that was used for navigation were more than enough for them to land the plane.
The couple were not able to alert the traffic controllers at the Rapid City airport and landed the plane on a less-used runway to ensure everyone’s safety. They also had to land the plane on its belly because they were unable to engage the landing gear, which led to sparks flying from the plane’s fuselage during the landing. Both couples were unhurt from the rough landing, though the plane suffered some serious damage. 
Source: Business Insider.

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